Saturday, March 29th is Arduino Day

A worldwide event celebrating all things Arduino

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To celebrate “Arduino Day,” we are offering the following boards at a discount price for one day only (March 29th, 2014 from 12:00:01 a.m. - 11:59:59 p.m. Mountain Time). There is a limit of two units for each product (per order) and back-orders are allowed. Distributors - these prices don’t apply to you, but we have a special discount planned just for you (keep an eye on your email!). Here’s what we’re doing:

Arduino Uno was $29.95 now $18

Arduino Uno SMD was $29.95 now $18

Arduino Pro 328 3.3V was $14.95 now $6

Arduino Pro 328 5V was $14.95 now $6

SparkFun Arduino-Compatible Redboard was $24.95 now $9

Arduino Pro 5V was $9.95 now $3

Arduino Pro 3.3V was $9.95 now $3

This is a great day to celebrate one of the instrumental players in growing the DIY community! Happy Arduino Day to one and all!

3/29/2014 - 3/29/2014 3:45am (Mountain Time) - edited to add: We’ve identified the malfunction and enacted a work-around. Products are back-order-able again. Thank you for bearing with us.

12:45am - We see your comments about not being able to back-order out of stock products. We’re looking into why the back-order feature is malfunctioning. Our apologies and thank you for your patience.

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  • $3?! :D I love you Sparkfun!

  • Hmmm…. not letting me backorder!!!

    • Same, the SMD Uno was listed as backordered when I first attempted to checkout, and it wouldn’t let me. By them time I removed it and checked out again the RedBoard was out of stock. Once that was out of my cart I lost the Pro 328 3.3V.

      I’m still getting a good deal, but if I would have known that the backorders would stop the sale I wouldn’t have added that Uno initially.

      • Yeah, that happened to me too. First it was the Red Board, then one of the pros, then the other. I ended up with some minis. I’m going to check later today to see if they allow back-ordering.

        Thanks for the sale!

        • Same. I’m sure they will fix it, Thanks Sparkfun!

          • There is indeed a malfunction in the back-order system. We’re looking into it, but don’t have a solution yet. Our apologies for the unfortunate surprise.

  • Why are we not able to backorder? It says we can above…?

    • We had a problem with the system for allowing back-orders. It’s fixed now, and the product pages are allowing back-orders.

  • Youuuuuu guys are nuts.

  • Your web site is gonna crash!

  • How about adding the FTDI Basic Breakout as a discounted item too? (I know, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth…!)

    Thanks for this Sale, SparkFun!

  • I just lost all my Arduinos (and all my other stuff!) in a house fire, so this will be the beginning of my new collection!!

  • I’m not being allowed to backorder out of stock Arduinos

    • The thing causing that problem has been fixed. The system is now accepting back-orders.

  • Hi,

    We cant order the out of stock items :( back orders are not being allowed!!!

  • Backorders don’t seem to be an option on the Redboard!??

  • Hi, above you state “There is a limit of two units for each product (per order) and back-orders are allowed.” - but when I try to order the RedBoards i get “Not available for backorder” - How come?

    • We’ve found and fixed the glitch causing this problem. Back-orders are now being accepted by the system.


    you guys rock.

  • How many orders can I place? :-)

  • And free shipping on orders over $60 still applies I assume?

  • I have 2 friends that have been thinking about trying out this whole Arduino thing. Looks like they have some gifts coming soon.

  • Is it better to create a wish list, or can I put them all in my shopping cart now and just check out on the sale day?

  • March 29th, 2014 from 12:00:01 a.m. Mountain Time Alarm has been set :D Hope to see Yun for $10 in the list hahaha

  • The real question is how many orders can I place on March 29 before all the SKUs go out of stock!

  • No Yun?

  • If you added a 32u4 board I would be sooooooo happy…

  • Can I buy two of each Arduino, or just two Arduinos?

    • 2 of each individual SKU/item.

      • Robert, the reason why you have to keep answering this question is because your answer doesn’t match the announcement. It’s fairly clear with some careful reading that what was stated is “two units per order” – NOT “two units per SKU (per order?)”. You might want to consider fixing the announcement. Or not.

        • Yeah, I just noticed that and fixed it. Hopefully that’s more clear!

          • I’m the chairman of the UofL IEEE student branch and we’re talking about buying around 15 of possibly the redboard or the pro mini to use to create a biannual series of five (or so) labs. Since this would be for a student organization would we be allowed to buy 15 or would we need to wait until after the sale? Thanks for your time and help!

            • This is a one-time sale, and a limit of 2 per SKU, so you could take advantage of the sale, but you’d still need to buy the other 13. Everyone is limited to 2, so 15 would not be permitted, even for educators. If you are an educator, you could eligible for an educator discount. Click here for more information.

  • I got all excited about getting a bunch of $3 pro minis. But alas I can only get 2 (4 I guess if I buy 2 5v, and 2 3.3v). But hey I don’t want you guys to go out of business either. :)

    • But hey I don’t want you guys to go out of business either. :)

      I assure you that we sincerely appreciate the sentiment.

  • You wrote Saturday March 29th- Saturday is actually the 28th! I was confused for a second! Hahaha.

  • Unreal. So it was an error not being able to backorder? That sucks, because I really wanted a Pro but couldn’t get them because of that error and assumed it was part of the thing about ArduinoDay. HUGE SAD FACE.

  • I’m curious how large the backorder queue is after Arduino day.

  • I was demoing and tutoring Arduino Day at NYU:ITP (ask Tom). I just remembered that I needed to place my order yesterday. Please take my backorder and give me the discount. Thanks. Steve

  • No fair! I couldn’t get my order to process! It kept saying the item I wanted couldn’t be back ordered! Despite all the comments posted that said it could AND it saying in my cart did I want to back order to which I said yes. Then I try to finish my order and error message! Now I’ve missed out on the Arduino Day processing! I waited two days for this sale after getting the e-mail! Waaah!

  • ouch, it’s past midnight in Colorado, and 11pm in California! I missed the Arduino Day :-(

  • Ooh. Putting in an order–had to register–sale ended. Oh well.

  • The message on the top of the webpage says not to worry about payment for the backorders yet. That sounds great but I’m not sure what that means in practical terms. Is it necessary to complete the checkout process or can I just leave the stuff in my cart? Please advise…

    • Sorry for the confusion. When you place a backorder with us, we don’t require payment until the items are in stock. If you request to pay with PayPal, you won’t be directed to the PayPal website for payment. We will send you a money request when the items are in stock. After your order is placed, you will see a “settle balance” button on your order page that you can use to pay with a credit card, but it is not necessary to submit payment today. I hope this helps!

    • Complete checkout do not leave in cart or else you won’t get the back order

  • Sparkfun is da bomb… Love the prices Love the selections. Love the tutorials.

  • Well done, thanks for doing this, and putting in the speedy effort to fix issues some were having.

  • EZ / last year / 1

    thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks for getting the backordering fixed. Worked fine - just placed my order.

    • We were very happy to get the back-ordering fixed, this is not how we imagined this day starting. Thank you for sticking with us.

  • Any progress for fixing backorder???

    • Progress has been made. We identified the problem, and got a work-around in place. Products are back-order-able again.

  • Any news on the backorder issue yet?

    • News is, we found the problem, and put a work-around in place, so products are back-order-able.

  • I’m predicting many many backorders today. :-)

  • JLMD / last year / 1

    As far as I can read “There is a limit of two units for each product (per order) and back-orders are allowed” … But it seems back-orders aren’t. :-( ?

    • We had a problem with some of the page features. We found it, got a work-around in place, and now the pages accept back-orders.

  • In typical Sparkfun fashion….the whole process is screwed….can’t order crap because you can’t backorder!

  • Thanks for looking into the backorder Problem. I really really wanted some boards that were out. I hope we get a Chance to order them. Either way, Sparkfun has ALWAYS proven to be a consumer conscious comapany, and I thank you all for that. It is why I shall always recommend you guys to others without second thought.

  • There is a limit of two units for each product (per order) and back-orders are allowed not true? it is 1am mountain time

  • I try to order the Arduino Pro 328 - 5V/16MHz and the system won’t let me back order. I placed an $65 order without the Pro. If your system is fix later, will the orders get combined?

  • Thanks for this incredible offer. The redboard wasn’t available for backorder, but I feel guilty complaining because the other boards I ordered were such a steal. My students are going to be busy soon! Happy Arduino Day!

  • umm…where are the backorders?

  • I also thought these would be available for back order. I had enough in my cart for free shipping but was denied and had to remove the pro 3.3v and 5v, and redboard.

  • Not back orderable like the email said?????

  • No!!! I lost out on the pro 328 and the RedBoard…

  • The redboard order do not let me make backorders :/

  • What happened??? The offer says “ backorders are allowed”, but no one told your shopping cart program!!!! It rejected my order AFTER I paid with Paypal!

  • Another waste of time. Backorders OK? NO!, not for red board, or R3 SMD, or pro 5v, or pro3.3. So basically not enough actual products to be ordered to make $60.

  • “Not available for backorder”

  • Backorder not available??

  • Ya!!! Got it! Arduino Pro Mini~~~

  • The Red Boards are gone and it’s not allowing me to place mine on backorder. What gives???

  • Still not the right prices

  • Well, it’s 12:10 AM, the sale should have started 10 minutes ago, but the discounts are still not in place.

  • Will the price be updated automatically if I add them into my shopping car now and place the order later after 12:00:01 a.m MT?

  • not offering some small discount on a starter kit misses the mark on using “arduino day” to grow the community. what you’ll get is more hobbyists picking up an extra board or two and less kids/educators/newbies branching out.

  • Do we have to checkout tomorrow, or is it enough to put it in the shoppingcart?

  • Happy at these deals. Sad that there is a limit.

  • Hey Robert, You guys run an awesome as well as successful business so I’m going to assume you know what you’re doing. I’m all in!

  • Guys! Why not fling some FTDI breakouts in? The prices are… yes, thank you! But the FTDIs are still about 15$… ;)

  • I already have about 15 various Arduinos on the shelf waiting to be used from the last Sparkfun sale…now I am going to have to buy a few more…haha

  • $3? That’s cheaper than the cost of the cpu chip on the board! I’d be an idiot to pass these up! $9 for the redboard ain’t bad either. Only problem will be waiting for the backorders. I hopw you will email us when the items actually ship (and don’t charge our credit cards till they do.)

  • The Arduino Day this year is in Lisbon and I will be there !! And YOU ?

  • Any chance of getting a discount on the Arduino Inventor Kit? I’d love to get started with Arduino, and Arduino Day seems like a great day to do that.

    Just a thought.

  • How about the Teensy 3.1??? Would like to see an PCB like above with RTC and a second UART/USB for weather shield and microSD.

    • well, seeing as this is a celebration of Arduino’s anniversary, that feels a bit wrong :-)

  • Awesome!

  • Pro Pro erres mio :3

  • BRACE YOURSELVES. THE BACK ORDERS ARE COMING. Seriously though I have it all planned. Two pro minis 3.3v, 2 pro minis 5v, two redboards. Nice job sparkfun :). why is the redboard cheaper than the uno? are the components more expensive or something?

    • We actually make the Redboard in house, the Uno we buy from the Arduino guys, so they cost us more. Basically more middle men to get paid with the Uno.

    • As of right now, they only have 1 R3SMD in stock; you are correct about the backorders!


  • Sparkfun I think I love you

  • 3$ it’s less than a mega328 with bootloader

    eu no lily?

  • Holy crapula!

  • A very nice goodwill gesture, Sparkfun. This is what I paid for shipments from Shenzen, which took 21 days to receive. Thanks, I have it in my calendar.

  • Why don’t I see the discounts on the product pages?

    • “we are offering the following boards at a discount price for one day only (March 29th, 2014 from 12:00:01 a.m. - 11:59:59 p.m. Mountain Time”

      you gotta wait until Saturday.

  • Wish List Created

  • prepare for the backorder!!

  • A total of any two units per order, or a limit of 2 units of a particular type?

  • Is it two units total out of everything here or is it two units per item?

  • Stocking up ASAP!

  • Wow, those are amazing deals! Guess I have to stock up.