Calling all CU Boulder Engineering Students!

The "Engineering Projects Kit" is your de facto toolbox for tackling the hands-on engineering problems that you will solve throughout your career as a CU Engineering Buff (and beyond!)

This kit is required for several Engineering Projects courses, and includes electronics and microcontroller components that will be used in several in-class, skill-building workshops over the course of the semester.


Once you receive your kit, take some time to explore its contents and prepare your computer for the coming semester by visiting our official kit-orientation website:

View Kit-Orientation

We are excited to see the many ways that you will use this kit to create projects and innovations during this semester and in the years to come!

Required Kit

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CU - Engineering Projects Kit

CU - Engineering Projects Kit


Additional Materials

If you don't have a screwdriver you'll need one as part of your toolbox.

SparkFun Mini Screwdriver

SparkFun Mini Screwdriver