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Bring on the Robots at USASEF Friday Sneak Peek

SparkFun Education will be at the United States of America Science and Engineering Festival for four days of soldering, programming, video games, programmable hats, robots and e-textiles.

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We do workshops. Sometimes we do really big workshops.

Friday, April 25th is Sneak Peek Friday, when people are allowed to check out the exhibit floor before everything goes crazy with Science! SparkFun won’t be on the exhibitor floor Friday, but we’ll be in conference room 150B in the Walter E. Washington Conference Center. While you do need tickets to go to Sneak Peek Friday, our event is free! Our robots would like to meet your robots (provided they are not mean robots, of course). You may encounter some weird looks on your way to our event, but once you’re in room 150B no one will bat an eye, IR emitter/detector pair or other sensory circuit/organ. The only stipulation is that we ask that all robots be terrestrial robots, so no aerial robots and no marine robots. I doesn’t matter if your robot is smart or not, we’re equal opportunity robot enthusiasts. So bring on the friendly earthbound bots, check out our robots, play some video games, light up some LEDs and maybe jump on our trampoline! Ten80 Education will be there with us, we’ll also have some Cubelets and an area where you can check out some of our Open educational materials. Don’t limit the idea of robot to something with wheels or legs, either. We’d love to see your e-textile costume, video game controller or robotically-enabled George Foreman.

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Sometimes robots look, well, not exactly like robots.

Some come by! Bring your robots, costumes, video games and anything else you might feel comfortable walking with around the Walter E. Washington Center.


The Birth of castAR: Q&A with Jeri Ellsworth and Rick Johnson

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AVC 2014 Course Preview

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New Tutorials To Get Your Learn On!

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April Caption Contest Winner

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