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Combine 3D Printing and Robotics for a chance to win prizes and fame on the SparkFun blog.

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SparkFun Electronics and Printables are excited to invite you to join our XRP Design Challenge, a no-cost required challenge that merges robotics, 3-D printing and imagination! If you haven’t heard about our Experiential Robotics Platform (XRP), it’s an extensible intro-to-robotics platform developed to teach applicable skills without getting bogged down in extraneous details and costs. The design challenge runs through August 17th!

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Contest details:

Whether you choose to purchase the XRP kit or design from scratch using the provided 3D model of the robot’s base, available on Printables here, we can’t wait to see what you come up with! You can submit any modifications, expansions, or accessories for the XRP kit that come to your mind. The jury will evaluate entries based on quality and originality.



In addition to the three main winners, the five most original and outstanding entries will each receive a Judges’ Choice Award and 200$ Sparkfun voucher + 350 Prusameters.

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We’ve outlined several categories for your designs to help you get started thinking about what you might want to make:

  1. Mounted Sensor Fusion – integrate and mount new sensors to enhance the robot’s capabilities. Of course, we suggest adding any of Qwiic-enabled SparkFun Sensors.

  2. Expand the XRP – design expansions that add new functionalities to the XRP kit. This could include additional arms, or new modules that provide more versatility and application potential.

  3. Improve the Chassis – Optimize the robot’s base for better performance. Design modifications that increase stability, mobility, or durability. This could involve creating new wheel systems, adding shock absorbers, or reinforcing the chassis to handle more demanding tasks. Feel free to use this 3D model!

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Full details and example projects can be found on the contest info page

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Special Contest Discount

The normal list price for this product is 114.95, however we provide a 43% discount for educators (64.95) or a 35 dollar discount for anyone else who signs up for the challenge. We hope you will join us for this 3D printing challenge!

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