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Let's take a walk down memory lane together and revisit our top 3 YouTube videos! Can you guess which ones are on the list?

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What do you think our top 3 YouTube videos of all time are?

YouTube is the largest video platform across the web and is a common platform for marketing businesses. SparkFun has been posting on YouTube regularly since 2007 and have created 1,500+ videos and counting. Many of our videos showcase a new product or project with our creative technologist Rob Reynolds. He has done hundreds of videos over the years, but you might be surprised by the most watched videos on our channel!

Back around 2015, our former creative technologist Shawn Hymel created a bunch of videos that explained common concepts that people interested in electronics were searching for. One that really became an evergreen piece of content was #3: What is Electric Current

It is no surprise that people are drawn to comparison guides. There are so many little details that differentiate many of our boards from each other. The funny thing is we have updated these guides on YouTube, yet the most popular one is still one of our first. So our second most popular video of all time is #2: SparkFun Arduino Comparison Guide

This is the latest Arduino Comparison Guide and Rob recently made a ESP Comparison Guide

So we have the top 2 videos on our channel shown, can you guess what the #1 most watched video on our YouTube channel is? It resonates with people interested in learning about electronics and especially students. Another concept explanation from Shawn Hymel, our #1 most watched video is How to Use an Oscilloscope

It was no surprise to me that How to Use an Oscilloscope was the most watched video on our channel. An oscilloscope is not an easy device to use and very common in the electronics space. We still get comments regularly on this video mostly from students thanking us for providing a walkthrough guide on how to use one.

With so many videos on our channel, these top 3 provide great information for our audience that are interested in electronics. We are still creating explanation videos on our channel and another great concept video Rob created recently was Real-Time Kinematics Explained

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    Shawn definitely made some excellent videos! Another of the folks I miss is Pete Doktor, who also made many excellent videos. I sincerely hope that both are doing well!

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