Nathan from SparkFun will be attending Sketching07 this weekend in San Francisco. We love sketching! What is Sketching you ask?

"The act of sketching defines and redefines boundaries. Everyone makes sketches, whether on paper, in software or, increasingly, in hardware. Sketching may begin with an idea, but the process fundamentally changes that idea. Sketches identify both what an idea is, and what it is not. They serve as histories and illustrations. Sketching tools simultaneously help and constrain the possibilities of sketching. Make a new sketching tool and new boundaries appear, while old ones dissolve."

This should be a fantastic weekend to meet the movers and shakers of the embedded world!

To go along with the Sketching trip, we've posted Lecture 7: SMD Soldering in an effort to show people how easy SMD soldering can be!

A few new items to post:

The PSP LCD is alive and kicking! We are supremely impressed by the clarity and power of this LCD.

A SparkFun pint glass! For your... orange juice.

The popular PIC based USB Bit Wacker is now available in easy-to-solder kit form!

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