New Product Friday: New Product Shakedown

I'm back from Chernobyl and I have roughly the same number of fingers and toes. We do have some new products though.

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Hello everyone! I'm finally back from my trip and ready to start talking about new products again. Special thanks to Nick for filling in for me in my absence. In the next couple of weeks, I'll be compiling data from the Leiger and post my findings here. Right now, I just need to go over all the logs and wrap my head what all the numbers really mean.

[UPDATE: You can see Robert's Chernobyl wrap-up here!]

But for now, let's check out the new products for this week.



Vimeo version can be found here

We were a bit strapped for time this week, so I wasn't able to properly demo the products. But rest assured, in the next week or two, I'll get some demos together.

alt text

You've probably seen us play around with electrodes back when we made Mr. Twitchy. This week, we have the Muscle Sensor V3 Kit which allows you to read input from muscles instead. The Muscle Sensor Kit comes with 6 electrodes, breakout cable and breakout board. With this kit you can read muscle input into your microcontroller.

alt text

Want (or need) to detect seismic activity or ground movement? The Geophone SM-24 will let you do just that! It's a simple device; it translates ground motion into voltage that can easily be read by a microcontoller.

alt text

Do you need a case for your new pcDuino? This week we have a new enclosure made specifically for the pcDuino. It can also be used with an Arduino as well. It even has a mounting spot for a 16x2 LCD! If the case isn't quite big enough, this extension plate will give you a bit more room.

alt text

If you've picked up one of the new 4D Systems LCDs (or are thinking of doing so), chances are you might need a USB-to-Serial Bridge like the new μUSB-PA5. This allows you to communicate with the 4D Systems' screens and controllers. It's based on the FTDI FT232RQ and replaces the μUSB-MB5 and μUSB-CE5.

alt text

And lastly, we have a new version of the RN-41 Bluetooth module. The version of the module does away with the pads on the underneath side which were used for connecting an external antenna. Please note that the new module only allows you to use the on-board chip antenna.

Well, that's all for this week. It's good to be back home and at work. Thanks for reading and we'll have more demos, products, and videos coming soon! Check back next week. Thanks for reading and see you then!

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