New Bluetooth and Pirate Radio

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We have designed a new Bluetooth module based on the BGB203 IC from NXP. This new module is lower in price with a more flexible AT command set. We will be migrating all our Bluetooth products to this new unit soon.

Pirate radio? We just got our NS73M breakout module up and running! By broadcasting on a given local radio station we were able take over the office radio. Hah! Neat trick. The example code has been posted. We will have breakout boards in 1-2 weeks.

There is a new version of the DX160. Now in green - it can operate without a backlight in good lighting situations.

This is a bungled version of our GPS eval board with the ET312. We mixed up the footprint on this limited prototype version. Works great, but we had to modify the PCB so these are Ding/Dented. Get them while they're hot.

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