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Don't forget to checkout the LilyPads!

Checkout this new shield from Arduino using the XBee from Maxstream.
Wow! I see we're already out of stock of the Arduino XBee shield. Sorry about that! We'll get more on order asap!

A new development board by Hitt Consulting using the Parallax Propeller.

Here's a nice addition for all you LED hungry users. This is an aluminum backed PCB breakout for the Luxeon line. Works so well we've already got a costume planned...

The new SparkFun Bluetooth? module has been posted as well as the DIP-SMA board. Checkout the AT command set and let us know if you have any questions.

Super simple breakout board for miniB USB connection. Need 5V from USB? Need a connection to your USB enabled PIC? This is a great way to get USB onto your breadboard.

We've rounded up a bunch of old PCBs and posted them in the Ding/Dent category. If you need some SMD soldering practice or if you want to make some fabulous, RoHS compliant earrings, these are for you.

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