Sinister7, Munny, and OLEDs

<a href="">Munny </a>and <a href="">Sinister7</a> combine forces. Checkout this gruesome <a href="">toy hack</a> using the Sinister7.

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Munny and Sinister7 combine forces. Checkout this gruesome toy hack using the Sinister7.

We now carry a range of OLED and TFT color LCD modules from 4DSystems!

These compact modules range in size from ~1" to 2.2" in display size.

We've created a simple interface board for programming and for serial communications with a small Robot released a few weeks ago. The Robotic Football League (RFL) robot from Active Innovations is a really cool, low-cost, hackable robot. We're very excited to release this board to help hackers do the most with their RFL robot.

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