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Track your Tiger

It's not quite small enough to track your cat, but the <a href="http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=8289">Uber Tracker</a> is a beast of a product.

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It's not quite small enough to track your cat, but the Uber Tracker is a beast of a product. This device may seem simple enough: get GPS coordinates and broadcast those coordinates over the cellular network - but it's so much more!

The Uber Tracker has open firmware and hackability. It's also completely PTCRB and FCC certified meaning it is fully licensed to operate on any GSM network in North America. Configure the unit, power it up, and you'll get an update every few minutes of the device's position to your phone, your website, or your SQL database. Could you track your car? Sure. Ever wonder where your donated clothing goes? What about biological samples? It's 'big brother' - but you get to play the older sibling's role.
The Uber Tracker and GeoChron are so cool they get their own category.

The evaluation board using the ET312 SiRF III GPS receiver is finally done! This board will allow you to play with this very small but powerful GPS receiver.

We now stock a pair of curved hemostats. Perfect for holding small jumper wires and SMD parts.

And lastly - our micro SD cards are now 1Gig!

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  • Since it is using GSM part, do I have to use my simCard and pay for the network distributor like AT&T each month for data and text. The product looks awesome..

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