SparkFun Live is here!

Today's the day! Let's all get together and build a project.

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Two weeks ago we announced a new video series called SparkFun Live, a periodic, glorious event during which various SparkFun folks will do live hacks and answer questions about projects that we'll announce, complete with supply list, ahead of time - and TODAY'S THE DAY. Kindly proceed this way to join in on the project-building!

If you picked up your supplies for the first project, the OptoTheramin, you can build one along with Creative Technologist Nick Poole starting at 3:00 p.m. Mountain Time on our YouTube channel. You can also check back here at 3:00 and we'll post a link to the video feed.

alt text

Ooooh, OptoTheramin.

You'll be able to follow along and ask questions on the comment feed on the YouTube page, which we will then feed to Nick Poole on a specially-made laminated card. As a special treat, Engineer Mike Grusin will also be monitoring the comments and answering any general questions you might have. If you didn't get your ingredients for the first project, don't worry - we'll be doing more soon! We'll see the rest of you at 3:00!

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  • You can get microphones that attach to the forehead, you can see them if you look closely in this video, , watch the whole thing it's hilarious ! Anyway, that will cut down all the noise that nick is getting on the hanging around his neck.

  • Can you send an alert via an emailing list whenever there is a live broadcast?

    • We could work up a subscription list for broadcast events, though of course we'd still have to remember to send the alerts. I'll ask around and see what people think.

      In the meantime, for YouTube specifically, if you've got the right kind of account it looks like you can subscribe to our channel and then under "Manage Subscriptions" check the "Email me about new uploads" box. I'm not sure if this'll send mail when a stream starts or not, but it might be worth trying.

      • It'll show up (as it does in the SFE YouTube feed) when the event is created. I'll make sure the People In Charge of That Sort of Thing know to create broadcasts the day of the event, not before as happened this time around.

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