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Metallic Salmon

What color is Metallic Salmon? I have no idea, but the S371 does.

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We are very excited to get the ADJD-S371 digital light sensor in stock. This all digital sensor can detect the difference in surface color of anything that'll reflect light. This sensor even has a nicely coupled bright white LED next to the CMOS sensor to provide a clean source of light for detection. What color is Metallic Salmon? I have no idea, but the S371 does.

4DSystems out of Australia has delivered some new, mind boggling AMOLEDs (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes) displays. Complete with touch screen and serial interface, these compact displays deliver a wonderful bright display with near 180 degree viewing angle without the need for a backlight! Available in two sizes, with and without a touch screen.

The GS405 is a GPS receiver combining two wonderful things. SiRF III chipset is the GPS chipset we've been truly amazed with. The second fancy feature is the unique Sarantel helical antenna that gives the GS405 the ability to pickup a GPS signal even with very odd antenna orientations. Where normal GPS receivers need to be oriented with the ceramic square antenna pointing at the sky, the Sarantel helical antenna needs no special orientation. Oh, and it's about 1 inch by 2 inches.

The very popular BlueDongle USB has been revised and improved. Now featuring the Roving Networks Bluetooth? module, this simple USB device offers Bluetooth? connectivity through simple serial commands. Now with extra LEDs because more blinky things are better.

Ask and you shall have. We now stock a 24-pin connector that mates with the Zune media player.

We've added two SMD connectors that mate with our batteries. These 2-pin JST connectors make cable interfacing and board-to-board connections a snap.

Finally, we've added a handful of items to the Ding/Dent category. We hope to give these used items a second chance at life.

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