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New Product Friday: A Good Day to Pi

A new UV sensor, breadboard PCB, and a way to test your binary prowess.

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Hello loyal SparkFunions! We're back for another round of "what's new at Sparkfun." This week we have a few SparkFun products, so let's see what we've got.



If anyone's wondering, that was custard topped with raspberries. That's the closest thing we could find to a raspberry pie. For anyone still wondering why I had a pie in the video, check the date today.

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Binary Blaster is a game designed to help teach what binary numbers are and how to convert from decimal (and hexadecimal) to binary quickly. The game displays a value on the dual 7-segment displays, and the player is challenged to press the buttons in a way that represents the binary equivalent. The kit comes pre-programmed, you just need to solder everything together. Check out the assembly guide for instructions.

alt text

Need to detect ultraviolet light? The ML8511 breakout makes this easy. Give it 3.3V and simply read the analog output. You can use it to figure out the best day to get a tan, the UV index outside, or for other applications where you want to measure the limited UV spectrum, not just how much light there is.

alt text

We have a third and final (for now) solder-able breadboard. This mini size works well with our modular mini breadboards. If you want to preserve a prototype, put this PCB over the breadboard, and lift it up and solder the components in place when you're done. It has the same layout and connections as a normal breadboard, but you can solder everything together when you're ready. You might want to also check out the standard size and the large size as well.

That's all I've got for this week. Thanks for reading and watching. We'll be back with more new goodies next week.

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