The DIY Glowing Pop-Up Card

Make this great card for Father's Day, birthdays - or any occasion with a dash of DIY is the answer.

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Father’s Day is just around the corner and we created this project with pop’s day in mind, but we think it’s perfect for any occasion where a dash of DIY is just the right ingredient. So check it out - the Light-Up, Pop-Up Greeting Card!

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Creative Technologist Nick made this project by building a classic pop-up card and adding just a touch of geekery - some copper tape and a handful of LilyPad components. Specifically, here are the parts he used:

The results are pretty cool and certainly (we think) better than the sickeningly sweet poetry you might find in a standard grocery store greeting card. So this Father’s Day (or birthday - or graduation day) build your loved ones a card they’ll proudly display!

alt text

Check out the full tutorial for details on how to build your own.

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