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Rotary Potentiometers

It's like a capacitive rotary dial with the need for sensitive ICs! The Softpot Rotary Potentiometer from Spectrasymbol is the latest of a handful of new potentiometers.

After much anticipation, the 6DOF v4 has been posted. This is a behemoth of sensors. 3 axis of magneto, 3 axis of acceleration, 4 axis of gyro, a wireless Bluetooth? connect, and a tri-color status LED. What more could one want?

If all you need is that 208-pin FPGA broken out to some headers, this is the breakout board for you. We give you a Spartan-3E with nothing but the bare essentials with some decoupling caps and leave the rest up to your wildest dreams.

So it's not quite a desk lamp, the Luxeon Portable LEDs are still pretty cool. This simple breakout will give you the chance to see what these tiny LEDs can do before you build your large scale costume.

If that costume needs power or data connections, consider this magnetic snap to conduct electricity or signals. Surprisingly powerful, these snaps are a great way to create a quick disconnect to your next wearable project.

Any costume obviously needs a laser! This simple laser module mount will allow you to solidly attach a laser card module to a robot or mobile device.

Olimex has released the MSP-JTAG-RF wireless MSP430 programmer. This ingenius device uses the Nordic radio chipset to send programming data from a computer (USB) wirelessly to the remote target. Get complete isolation from your next high-power or distant programming target.

Lastly, Olimex has released a Nokia 6610 breakout board. This is a simple device that plugs into the special Olimex UEXT connector.

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