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July Caption Contest Winner!

All hail this month's winner!

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Alright everyone settle down. After much deliberation we've chosen the champion of July's Caption Contest! Even though Dave's really working that cape in this month's photo, we couldn't help but choose a winner at his expense.

alt text

SparkFun employee looks unamused when camper asks if he ever plans on moving out of his parents' basement.

Oooh harsh, sorry Dave, but a round of applause for SparkFun customer Bones McGhee! Your $100 in SparkFun credit is on its way!

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun and gave us a laugh (looking at you, Member #394180), and keep your pun senses honed for another caption contest sometime this month!

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  • wow, this completely made my day. i've had my eye on some sensors lately that my wife isn't letting me buy until I finish a long(ish)-standing project yun-based project. She'll roll her eyes at me when I tell her about this little development! I don't know Dave personally, but I'm sure his parents (and their basement) are lovely. Hey man, don't let those kids get to you!

    • thanks Bones McGhee. I got a great laugh out of that one. Best caption I've seen on this website. I think you added 5 minutes to my life.

  • Those were the days...

  • We don't know Dave well enough

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