Rummage Giveaway Winners

Announcing the winners of the SparkFun Rummage Giveaway.

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A couple weeks ago, we announced the SparkFun Rummage Giveaway - where we gave away four boxes of SparkFun gear from around the office. We had an overwhelming number of responses - thank you to everyone who entered! Today we want to announce the winners:

  • Member #284575 (Paul)
  • Member #307554 (Louis)
  • Member #97799 (Ben)
  • Member #327692 (Jim)

You should have all gotten emails and will be receiving your prize boxes shortly. We would love to hear from you once you receive them! Thanks again to everyone that entered for helping us out with the survey!

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  • I wanna hear what’s in those boxes!! Share the awesome!

  • Congrats to the winners.

  • I just opened my rummage box.

    In addition to miscellaneous t-shirts and stickers, I got a bunch of tools– soldering station, multimeter, pliers, tweezers, solder, steel wool, jumper wires, a couple of mini bread boards– that are a welcome upgrade to my current gear.

    There is also an assortment of cool components, including the pogobed shield kit, through-hole simon says kit, some alphanumeric displays (with drivers), rfid starter kit, sound detector, a proximity sensor, and few concave button housings.

    So many exciting possibilities. Thanks Sparkfun!

  • The boxes were filled with all kinds of stuff. A couple of T-shirts, Simon Says soldering learning kit, Raspberry Pi (Model A), heat gun, a bunch of shrink tubing, some cool stickers to put on my projects, MP3 Trigger (got some new ideas for that one), solder, mini breadboards and jumper wires. Really cool and awesome! Thank you SparkFun for the great stuff and new ideas!

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