Fuzzy Logic and Eagle Tutorial

Fuzzy Logic is a novel way of quickly demonstrating circuits and electricity. The large fuzzy objects magnetically attach to a dry-erase board or fridge, and wires snap to each terminal. It's a pretty slick way to assemble circuits and show (non-engineering) friends just what the heck we're talking about.

The Eagle Schematic and Layout tutorials have been updated with user feedback. We really do think Eagle is the greatest thing since micros got internal oscillators. Checkout these tutorials for a step-by-step process of an Eagle schematic creation and PCB layout.

Speaking of Eagle, if you want a good place to start on an Eagle project we've posted the Eagle source files for the popular Arduino LilyPad. These files are released under the Creative Commons Share-Alike License v3.0. Feel free to start with our project and make something cooler.

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