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Last week, after a long hiatus, we brought back the caption contest. The time away did our captioners good and there were some very strong candidates. However, one caption emerged victorious, leaving the others behind in its punny afterburners.

alt text

Pete’s two ambition’s as a child were to own a Hot Rod and to be outstanding in his field.

Congratulations NCOSE! Your pun game is fierce and for that you shall be rewarded. Keep an eye on your email for your prize ($200 in SparkFun bucks - not too shabby!).

We'll be back next month with more captioning goodness. For now, thanks to all who participated and congrats again to NCOSE!

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  • Some day, Sparkfun, you will see that I'm funny. Some Day.

  • I missed it... my caption would have been "I know I'm eight months behind the According to Pete videos... but they can wait because I really want to get this thing in the air."

  • Now I'm making the same face that Pete is. :-(


  • I agree with the choice. Very witty

  • Great caption. The erroneous apostrophe was annoying, but the Norman Borlaug reference more than made up for it.

  • Having achieved his two childhood ambitions, why so sad?

  • What happened to According to Pete videos? They where great! I know that most of us would l ike those videos back!

  • Congrats!

    From what the trend seems to be, the winner is whomever is upvoted most. Was the comedy team biased in being able to see these votes, or did they receive the entries in some random order?

    As I see it, otherwise it seems to be first with good humorous wins because the others are drowned out for the most part.

    • Actually, the votes are blatantly ignored. In the last one the top voted caption had 28 times the number of votes that the winner had. It had more votes than the next 3 combined. It also had more votes than this month's winner and last contest's winner combined. So upvotes really don't matter. They are just a cruel hoax to get entrants' hopes up with dreams of free parts, so they can then be dashed - like putting bologna on a dog's nose and not letting him eat it.

      :-) :-)

      At least this month the winner was actually hilarious.

    • We look at the captions regardless of upvotes. You can look back at the last contest to see the top upvoted comment doesn't always win. I think it's a correlation vs. causation thing - the most upvoted caption often wins because it's funny, which is also why it's the most upvoted - but it's doesn't necessarily win because it's been upvoted.

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