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Vertical axis wind turbine and new camera, DAC, and opamp boards

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We like to build stuff. And when I saw a VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) at Maker Faire 2008, I just had to build one.

And that's in a very light breeze. It's scary to think what it would do in a 90MPH gust that commonly occur here around Boulder.
We learned how to build a VAWT from Instructables. Namely bhunter736. Specifically, we used this instructable to build it (it's really well written!), but it looks like he removed the instructable.
Our VAWT is not done yet. It still needs coils and an electrical inverter, but we're working on that. Magnets are just so much fun!

Need a digital to analog converter? DACs rock. The MCP4725 is pretty slick with I2C controlled and 12-bit resolution. Great for your next audio project.

We now have very nice quality, color camera module. The module has a signal output for NTSC allowing you to hook this camera up to pretty much anything that has an RCA input jack.

An opamp is commonly needed with embedded systems to amplify a signal. This is a simple opamp board with adjustable signal level. Extremely handy for low level output sensors.

If you've ever tried to connect a servo to a controller, you know why we have this cable. The servo extension cable adds another 12" to a servo so you can get further from the servo controller.

ID-2 is the RFID reader module from ID Innovations. The ID-2 is smaller and more compact than the ID-12 and ID-20 because the module does not have a built-in antenna. Great for compact portables where the antenna fixture needs to be flexible.

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  • Curious if Sparkfun will release a tutorial for the VAWT. It looks too cool to ignore. Too bad the instructables tutorial isn't available anymore!

    • Thinking about it. First I need to get the thing producing energy. Brad (original instructable writer) asked me to hold off until the end of July, so we will wait...

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