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New Product Friday: mmmmbed

Turkey Day won't stop us from coming out with fresh new products!

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Welcome back for another New Product post! If you celebrate it, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Never fear, even though we had a holiday we still have a few new products and a new video for you.

Bringing out the third string on this one folks! Yup, only a few products this week but we feel they are pretty solid. Let's take a little closer look at them!

mbed Starter Kit

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The mbed Starter Kit is the next step up from the SparkFun Inventor's Kit. This kit offers 10 great experiments that revolve around ARM's LPC1768 mbed MCU. If you are familiar with the SIK you'll be able to create a USB host, draw text and shapes on an LCD, log temperature data, and more in no time at all.

Kinoma Create

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We finally have the Kinoma Create in stock! With this JavaScript-powered construction kit and its own integrated development environment, you'll be at “hello world" in just a few minutes. Equipped with an 800 MHz ARM CPU, a color capacitive touchscreen, Wi‑Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and tons of I/O for sensors you should find it hard to reach the end of your electronic creativity with this guy.

Resistor Lead Bending Tool

Resistor Lead Bending Tool


Lastly, the Resistor Lead Bending Tool is an incredibly simple and handy addition to your work bench that you never knew you needed! This little guy provides you with an easy and reliable way to get the exact distance between two 1/2 Watt or 1/4 Watt resistor leads that you might need for PTH soldering.

That's it for this holiday week. We hope you are all having a safe Black Friday and will have an even better Cyber Monday. We'll see you next week for even more new products. See you then!

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  • LOVE the mbed. Hands down the best embedded prototyping environment. I've had to prototype with everything a lot of different hobby tools like Arduino and professional tools like STM32 eval boards for work, and when I get the chance to pick I go to either an FRDM KL25Z or an LPC1768. The 1768 is my favorite though, unless ST decides to enable their floating point core with the embed environment. The 1768 runs fast enough to do floating point math on my quad copter at greater than 100hz, and the timing is very reliable too. I even use this stuff in my long term projects because the LPC and FRDM are so reliable, including interrupts. I swear I'm not a sales rep for arm or anyone associate, I just think that when your ready to grow up, ditch your arduino and go Mbed!

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