Cruise Ship Makr Shakr - Your Bartending Robot

Auto assembly-line meets your local watering hole.

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Robotic bartenders aren't necessarily a new thing. BarBot has been around since 2012 and we even built our own bartending bot (sorta) called "The Synergizer using the Bartendro Peristaltic Pump. This, however, makes previous bartending robots look like tinker toys:

This is called the Makr Shakr and they've partnered with Royal Caribbean Cruises to give a bar experience like no other.

alt text

The precision involved here is pretty awesome, but I have to admit there's something about the ritual of getting a mixed drink made by a real-live person that is lost in the translation. We truly do live in the future...

_Story and image via MakeZine_

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    While a good bartender would be better, it would save on tipping - esp when you get crappy service! - For a cruse ship this seems to be a good solution - people are not as interested in gabbing with the keeper. Make my drink and if you can entertain me - even better.

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