Self-lighting Menorah

An awesome project from SparkFun customer Elahd Bar-Shai

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Around this time of year, we see so many Christmas-themed projects -- Christmas trees controlled by Arduino, Christmas lights that let you play Angry Birds on them, etc.. Don't get us wrong - they are awesome and we look forward to them every single year. But this is a nice change of pace we haven't seen too much of -- the Self-lighting (and Tweeting) Menorah for Hanukkah.

Self-lighting Menorah

Hey, I recognize that Arduino/Breadboard holder!

This great project comes from SparkFun customer Elahd Bar-Shai and does the following:

  • Determines Hanukkah dates.
  • Determines candle lighting times based on local sunset times.
  • Says candle lighting prayers via Twitter.
  • Lights candles on a properly configured Arduino.
  • Extinguishes candles after a few hours.

If you want to follow the project, it tweets to @MitzvahBot. You can also check out Elahd's github repo to see how he built the menorah (and build your own). Awesome project!

Interested in learning more about LEDs?

See our LED page for everything you need to know to start using these components in your project.

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  • Avi_R / about 9 years ago / 2

    I made one too, see and and now it has addressable led tape too (work in progress, if only i knew where to purchase some WS2811 chips for the top leds!), its run via an STM32F1 and computer. At once stage it was time automated and audio on an SD card all run by the microcontroller but had audio buffer issues.

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