New Product Friday: Happy Holidays

For the day after Christmas, we have a few new products for you.

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Hello everyone, I hope you all had a great Christmas. The holiday season is almost over, but we still have a few new products to talk about. So if you didn't get everything you wanted, maybe we've got a few things for you.

I was going to dress up as Santa, but then I'd have to dye my beard white, and that just wasn't happening.

SparkFun Pi Wedge B+

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This week we have the new breakout for the new version of the Raspberry Pi, the B+. The Pi Wedge can plug into a breadboard, giving you access to all 40 pins on the Pi's GPIO header. It even includes a couple caps for the power rails. Keep in mind this is a soldering kit, but it goes together pretty quickly with minimal skill.

Building Open Source Hardware

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Want to learn all about Open Source Hardware and what it means for your next project or invention? Building Open Source Hardware is the first hands-on guide to the entire process of designing and manufacturing open source hardware. Drawing on extensive personal experience with DIY, maker, and hardware hacking projects, industry-leading contributors share proven approaches to design, fabrication, manufacturing, troubleshooting, licensing, documentation, and running an open source hardware business.

There's also a kit that goes along with the book. The Blinky Buildings Kit is an exercise in creating open source derivatives. With this kit you and the vast community of hackers will be able to use something to experiment on and modify to your liking. This Blinky Building kit epitomizes the OSHW movement as a whole. Take this board, which is currently in the design of New York’s Empire State Building, and change it to any other building or structure!

Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 110mAh (Solder Tabs)


This small 110mAh battery has solder tabs and lacks a protection circuit, which makes it perfect for integrating directly onto a PCB. If you need to make a project REALLY embeddable, why not try attaching the battery right to the board?

RFduino - PCB USB Shield


The RFduino PCB USB Shield is a small add-on board that plugs into any USB port and is used to load your sketches onto an RFduino module. This shield is almost identical to the RFduino USB Shield and provides the same basic function. The PCB USB Shield can be attached to any solderless breadboard with the RFduino DIP plugged on top or even below it for better ease of use. Once your code is loaded onto the RFduino, this USB Shield can be detached!

Jumper Wire - 0.1", 3-pin, 6" (Black, Red, White)

Jumper Wire - 0.1", 3-pin, 6" (Black, Red, White)

$1.60 $0.80

Lastly, we have the humble jumper wire. This 3-pin 6" jumper wire might not be terribly exciting, but what it lacks in flash it makes up for in function. These are useful for connecting to male headers. The wires are labeled black, red, and white; a common color scheme found in RC servos.

OK, that's all the new stuff for this week. Happy holidays and we'll see you next week with more new products. See you then.

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