GeoChron travels to Slovakia

Viliam sends us GPS logs from his trip home to Slovakia.

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We are starting to pass GPS logs around the office like people used to do with photos. 'Hey, checkout where I went this weekend' takes on a whole new look. Viliam is currently taking a trip home to Slovakia to visit friends and family. He took a Geochron in tow to log some of his travels.
Here is Viliam's trip to Bratislava (the capital) in Google Earth. If you've never played with GPS logging or Google Earth, you really have to try it. It's amazing to see how well GPS and detailed aerial photography match up.
Bratislava bridge
The bridge in Bratislava. Of course there will always be photography, but what could come next?

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Have fun Viliam! See you in a few weeks.

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  • looks like a cold and dark country

  • I thought the bridge was pretty cool. Reminds me of Seattle Space Needle.

  • ahhh communism, always trying to come up with new and better ways of improving on medieval architecture. its too bad the 2001 Odyssey didnt come true, the UFO bridge might look a little less out of place if it had. thanks for posting this nate, and the geochron works great pete!

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