New Product Friday: What's with all the ComMotion?

Today, some new robotics parts and a pretty light-up flower. Yes, you read that right!

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Guess what? It's Friday! As always we have some new products for you guys to check out. This week we have a new motor driver, robotics kit, and an LED flower. Let's take a closer look!

How about that new video? Yup, Rob's out but luckily we had Nick and Sarah to step up. It's a big beard to fill but somebody has to do it.

ComMotion Motor Driver Shield

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First up today we have the ComMotion Motor Driver Shield. This is an extremely durable little motor driver that can fit onto anything with an Arduino R3 layout. It sports TWO ATmega328P processors, it can drive up to 4 motors at once, it can communicate via I2C, and you can even add an XBee or WiFly transceiver to provide you with total wireless control! We've found this shield to work especially well with the Rover 5 platform, but it will be able to work with almost any other 4WD chassis.

Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit

Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit


Next up is the Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit. This kit of robotic goodies includes two 65mm wheels, two gearmotor assemblies, and an Encoder Kit that is already available à la carte. The Hobby Motor and Encoder Kit is perfect for providing beginners with a cheap and easy to use setup or if you just need a few extra parts for your next project.

Silk Flower LED

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The last new product we have for you today is the Silk Flower RGB LED. The beautiful piece of tech style can normally found inside of the 21st Century Fashion Kit, but because so many people were asking for it on its own, we had to release it by itself. Inside the petals of this flower is a simple 5mm common cathode RGB LED, and when powered, provides you with a great addition to an e-textile or clothing idea that you've been trying to make a reality.

That's all we have for you this week, we hope you enjoyed all the new products! Special thanks to Nick and Sarah for standing in for Rob while he is out this week. We'll see you back next Friday for some great new products! See you then!

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  • ....and yes, the last LED in the sign was seen to misfire once. ;)

  • BeerCannon / about 9 years ago / 1

    Finally, Nic gets to fire the 'classic' at someone else! Was it all that you dreamed it would be?

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