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The new USB Weather Board is now available! Version 2 includes the standard barometric pressure, humidity, and temperature. The new features include isolated temperature sensitive components, has much cleaner routing, we even added an ambient light sensor! There are new firmware features as well. Pickup the original version at a discount while we have them.

  Wee is a very small, Arduino compatible board designed to be a low-cost alternative to the Arduino Mini. A few of the nice features on the Wee include a 3.3V low power design, included Reset button, and lack of headers so that you can connect any thing you need!

We've created a new category call Biometrics. Who knows what we'll dig up for future products, but the new Heart Rate Monitor Interface (HRMI) is a fantastic fit. The HRMI has on-board signal processing to calculate heart rates via a Polar Heart Strap and outputs the information over simple serial commands.

The HMC6343 breakout is a breakout board for the new Tilt Compensated Compass Module from Honeywell. This impressively accurate (and expensive!) sensor from Honeywell uses three magnetic sensors, a built in accelerometer, and microcontroller to correct the error that tilt introduces to a compass reading. Now you can get a compass heading no matter what incline you might be at.

Checkout this new LED LilyPad! The simple, but extremely Bright White LED LilyPad makes it easy to light up your next wearable project.

The MigaOne is a very interesting linear actuator based on muscle wire. Excellent for tight fit applications and research endeavours.

For those who need a HUD (heads up display) for their next project, these video glasses fit the bill nicely. We saw them being used on a remote control airplane application where the RC pilot was actually viewing what the plane viewed - and we simply had to try them out. Excellent for hacking and personal use.

Our USB LiPo charger based on the MAX1555 has been updated! Now with JST connectors and optional external status LED. This USB charger works great with our terminated LiPo batteries.

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