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A few new items and a few customer project submissions.

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Our distributor BricoGeek (Spain) has created a really cool game based on the Arduino, an accelerometer, and a serial OLED module from 4DSystems. A fun classic and a neat project!

We also got an email from Daniel Marks about a collaborative effort call Jumentum to bring a BASIC to the LPC ARM series. The interesting twist is that it relies on an ethernet connection. You can effectively program an ARM, over the web, in BASIC. Nifty.

We now stock the new Series 2.5 version of the XBee Pro modules. These modules will let you easily transmit data up to a mile in range!

Speaking of wireless, if you need to add an audio connection to your next project our new Bluegiga module does exactly that. With the audio codec built into the unit, you only need to attach an audio signal and possibly a speaker to get wireless audio over this great Bluetooth? module.

The LiPower development board is based on the MSP430F1232 and allows the end user to fully exploit the power of a Lithium Polymer battery. LiPower controls 3 independent power channels, handles charging, and report battery monitoring, all using the very low power MSP microcontroller.

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