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Successful launch to 122,500 ft

University of Colorado launches their student platform.

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The contingent of CU students have successfully launched their payload! DIEHARD is fully operational and reporting back data. Checkout the Cosmocam if you get the chance - they're pretty actively driving the camera today.

Checkout the newGPS MiniMod! This small board has all the parts you need to receive GPS NMEA sentences. Power it up and you'll have a serial string of data every second. It's wafer thin and just about as small as we can push it (for now).

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  • Congratulations to all HASP teams on the successful launch!!! Viliam, I am so proud of you. Even though the light switch in your bedroom is still not working… mom

  • coooooolll!!!hey guys congratulations for your succesfull launching!!!that?s a project I might one day have the pleasure to do, since many years i?ve thinking about it..
    Well nothing more to say, just good job and well done.
    PD:Sparkfun thanks for your marvelous portal!!