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September Caption Contest winner

Ladies and gentleman, we have a champion.

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Last week we asked you for your best, funny caption to a not-as-unusual-as-you-might-think photo from the hallowed halls of SparkFun HQ. Now, it's time to announce the proud new owner of a special box of semi-mystery goods! Let's dive right in:

alt text

I’m just hair to hunt ducks.

Congrats, MarmotXing! We think you've got what it takes so we're sending you, among other goodies, 11 multimeters. We're curious to know what you do with them so, you know. Keep us updated. Thanks everyone who joined in the fun, and we'll have another caption contest for you next month!

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  • I lost, but I am not Thor about it.

  • Meanwhile at SparkfunHQ

        - "...it is under the controller."

  • Yay! I have no idea what to expect, nor what I might do with 11 multimeters, but I'll be sure to post up here (and/or in the forums) and share whatever sort of blue smoke I manage to conjure. Thank you so much!

    • You could build a multimeter counter that goes to eleven..

      • Would that be a multimultimeter or a metamultimeter?

        Do the multimeters all have a short-circuit warbler? It might be interesting to hear a musical piece written for 11 short circuits. Think of the harharmony.

        • Or a multimetermeter? Deep questions... Not knowing what the mystery component(s) of the prize is(are), this is right in line with about the only thing I've come up with so far. Inspired by the massive NES controller, I thought it might be fun to create an extra-large version of the game Operation using the multimeters in continuity mode to detect when a "touch" occurs and sound the alarm. Perhaps they could be hacked to add different frequency tones to act as a musical instrument, though, good call!

    • Send one to Ahmed.

      • You know, I thought about that, but I have to presume he has a multimeter? It seems like a weak gesture in comparison with invites to the White House, Facebook, MIT, etc., but I'll likely reach out at least, just in case.

    • You could always give them away to us sore losers.. not that I'm bitter or anything... ?;-)

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