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Maker Faire and Eagle Library Update

We're heading to Austin! And we added 75 new footprints to our public Eagle Library

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We're going to Maker Faire Austin next week. If you're anywhere near Texas, we would highly recommend this amazing event on October 18th and 19th. We will be there in full force with lots of toys (the LED Coffee Table is now playing Tron!) and soldering workshops.

More info to follow on the workshops, but we'll be teaching a moderate level class where we teach you to solder the Simon Kit. Yes, you really can solder SMD. It's easy and we'd love to show you how.

We'll also be teaching a super-beginner level class with all through hole components.  We're very excited about this class because the kit has a presence sensor and some LEDs. It's your basic 'blinky' kit that can be combined with other blinky kits to create an interactive wall.  Stop by our booth and check it out!


We've updated our Eagle Library. You can find 75 new components and updated footprints here. Have no idea what we are talking about? Check out our Eagle tutorials. Eagle CAD is a PCB layout program. We share the parts library that the SparkFun engineers use so that you can create your own devices based on our available products. Have fun!

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  • I'm a customer from San Antonio, TX. I belive my kids
    will have a blast going to the Maker Faire in Austin.
    Hope to meet you folks over there.
    PS. Thanks again for your excellent service and great products.

  • pleaaaaaaase when GM862-GPS or its evaluation board -USB is available.. i'm really in hurry. i want to use it for my graduation work. but its deadline is coming.
    please at least send me info about when its available.
    e-mail :bilguun1234@yahoo.com

  • Can't wait to meet some of the Spark Fun team in Austin. See y'all there. I will have to "forget" my wallet in the hotel room, otherwise I may not have enough $$ left for gas to get home to Big D.

  • I have made parts for eagle a 24 bit analog to digital converter the ads1256 and others they can be found on the sourceforge page with the PCEEG. But sparkfun's tutorials helped me understand eagle a little better. Build your own PCB is a great book for a longer tutorial.
    I wonder if this is hotplate or hot air rework smd soldering tutorial.
    I bought the simon kit it was cool but wish it was the avr one in the tutorial.

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