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Plaid PCBs and Tron

We're bringing a fun kit to Maker Faire and showing off the new game on the LED Coffee Table.

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Look what we can do with solder mask! Yay.

The Flame kit is an interactive piece we've been working on. The individual flame has an ATtiny13 running some basic detection and LED pulsing firmware. All parts are through hole and the kit goes together in 5-10 minutes. We will show you how to solder! We plan to have 9 or so solder stations setup at our Maker Faire booth. A great, quick kit for beginners. The kits are free but we are accepting a suggested $5 donation that will go to a couple local Austin non-profits including the Angleheart Children's Shelter and The Robot Group. We've got magnets and a large metal wall to add your flame to the collective. It's going to be pretty epileptic.

For those of you who have a bit of soldering experience, and want to learn more, we will also have instructors and Simon SMD soldering kits on hand ($20 donation). Yes, you really can solder SMD! It's actually quite easy, no special tools required. We'll show you how!

Tron on the LED Coffee Table - it's a ton of fun

Four players battle at Pong or Tron. We'll bring the chairs, you'd better bring your skillz.

I dunno if anyone remembers, but we gave away some tickets last May for Maker Faire, San Mateo. Make has been really cool and sent us a few extra tickets for Austin! We'd like to use them, but we don't really have any friends. So if you'd like one of these general admission, one day tickets, we'd want you to have them! If you buy one of our snazzy SparkFun t-Shirts, pint glasses, or hoodies, we'll throw in a Maker Faire ticket. If you need two tickets, you'd better buy a pint glass for your buddy.

The SparkFun Booth - Maker Faire Austin 2008

Please stop by our booth! We'll have our soldering workshop setup along with fun things to play with including Tron, Tetris, Phones, and a handful of new and upcoming products (think Texas sized belt buckles). We can't wait to checkout what Maker Faire has this time around!

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  • I don't s'pose you'd consider throwing the Flame kits up on the site for purchase? they look like they're kinda pointless, but neat and I still want one (inner need for interesting flashing objects I suppose)

  • And for those not lucky enough to come to the fair ( I'm in India...), please please get lots of updates and photos on the web !!!
    Thanks and have fun. Enjoy!

  • I'll be there also.
    Selling T-Shirts at the fair?
    Or your other products?

    • We won't be selling anything at our booth, but Make will be selling a couple of our LilyPad kits at the Make Shed during the Faire. If you get a chance, check out the Make Shed and stop by our booth and say "hi."

  • I'm a customer from San Antonio, TX. I believe my kids
    will have a blast going to the Maker Faire in Austin.
    Hope to meet you folks over there.
    PS. Thanks again for your excellent service and great products.

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