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Some new widgets: Light sensor, Lantronix ethernet breakout, cables, magnets, compasses, and Arduino ICs.

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Always new stuff to play with! We try to get all the new items and information on the homepage, but sneaky folks know to subscribe to the product and tutorial RSS feeds (over there on the right side of your screen). Subscribe today and keep up to date!

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This is a really neat IC from TAOS. The TSL230R is a light-to-frequency sensor that outputs a number of pulses based on the intensity of light detected. Handy for detecting ambient light levels and controlling things like backlights of LCDs. Also, with selectable frequency range, this sensor can be used as a rough color detector.

This is a simple breakout board for Lantronix XPort Direct modules. Board provides power and an easy to use 0.1" breakout to all the important connections.

We now sell ATmega168 DIP ICs with the Arduino STK500 bootloader installed. Now you can design and build your own Arduino project without needing an AVR programmer!

VS1103B is a small beast! VLSI has combined many of its technologies to create a single-chip MIDI/ADPCM/WAV audio decoder and ADPCM encoder that can handle up to three simultaneous audio streams.

Magnets. R. Fun. This is your most basic fridge magnet. Perfect for hanging kid artwork, creating throwies, or attaching blinkies to the fridge.

The HMC6343 is a tilt-compensated compass module on an IC that will tell you the direction you are heading. With the built-in accelerometer, you can even hold the IC at an angle and still get a good compass heading! Try that with your normal water-filled compass! Keep the kid's art and fridge magnets away...

Alligator clips are a must for most any electronics hacker. These are high quality, low-cost cables with a 12" lead of wire between clips.

Vertical mount USB connector. Useful in various enclosure situations. We needed them to create a USB jack on the side of an enclosure where we could not get a PCB, and we figured you might have similar needs.

Yay ethernet cables. These come in handy when connecting up more and more ethernet dev boards. And the price is not too shabby either.

This is what we love to do! We got the Fingerprint Slide Scanner in stock, and while it is a great device, the connector was a bother. Now we have the connecting cables to get you easy access to the serial lines!

Here at SparkFun, we are true believers of a good work environment. Music is a must. We figured if we needed this 3.5mm audio to dual RCA cable to connect our iPod or computers up to our stereos (there are currently 5 throughout our offices) you might need this handy cable as well. Rock on.

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