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Oh Snap!

Correct tactical usage of the phrase 'Oh Snap!'

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Truth, on the windows in the break room, at SparkFun

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  • "Oh Snap" could also be seen as a bit of a sarcastic remark as well, like an individual not caring about a situation that some one just explained.
    Usually, though, it's an exclamation of surprise or gloating over a situation.
    I may be wrong, but this Flow Chart seems to present some one getting "told" (also known as: informed in an embarrassing way or "owned") as a form of sarcastic gloating.
    Btw... this Flow Chart is most helpful.
    Thank you.

  • I know the guy who drew this first and posted it on his Flickr page. Then it blew up ;-)
    It was pretty funny to bring up the page and see this...

  • For all your English slang questions I recommend-
    "Oh Snap" is outlined quite well with pictures even!

  • Hello!
    House, as in that annoying pest of a physician says it. I believe he means that the circumstances are definitely worth an annoying insulting barb.
    And one of an appropriate obscenity.

  • nice dart board. :P

  • Someone should submit that to graphjam.

  • Sorry... But as a non-native english speaker, I don't get it. Wikipedia refers to some guy named Biz Markie.
    So, what is the proper usage of "Oh Snap!" ?

    • Jay2, both terms are American slang which were popular about 10 years back.
      Oh snap! An expression meaning that one has been surprised by what has just occurred. It is similar to saying "wow" or "holy crap" but implies a more laid back manner.
      To be told: To be put in one's place, whether in the form of a humiliating insult, beating, or other form of defeat.

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