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Do you smell what SparkFun is cookin'?

A handful of new products, an ingenious tutorial, and SparkFun's first class!

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For awhile now, we've been offering classes on various topics to friends and family of SparkFun. We are now opening them up to the public! Our first class is December 3rd, 2008 at the SparkFun office and will cover surface mount soldering. This is the first of growing offerings in our new classes category.

If you've ever soldered a header or connector into a PCB, you've probably experienced how tricky it can be to get the thing centered, straight, and flush. Our in house QC manager found an ingenious solution so that all of your headers will be mounted cleanly onto your PCB. Checkout this new tutorial!

The DOSonChip IC is back by popular demand! We will soon have the uSD DOSonChip Module back in stock as well.

The NXC2600 is one of our most versatile development platforms. Consisting of two boards - an LCD board and a baseboard - this platform can run both Linux 2.6 and Windows CE 5.0 and features a rich set of peripheral interfaces. It is part of our new NXC category of development tools.

This transceiver module allows you to send/receive serial data over your powerlines. Similar to the X10, but with several advantages including bidirectional communication at up to 19200bps and the ability to query remote devices.

The new LilyPad is compatible with the FTDI basic breakout. It now supports the really helpful auto reset feature.

What's blue, thin, and will fit in your front pocket? No, not Smurfette. It's the new 5V Arduino Pro! This board is very much like the Skinny, but with all the features to be a full-fledged Arduino board.

Speaking of blue and skinny, the new 5V Arduino Pro Mini is even thinner (0.8 mm) and much like the Wee, but with enough features to be a fully certified Arduino.

An inexpensive 5Hz GPS receiver using MediaTek chipset! Outputs an incredible amount of position information 5 times per second and can track up to 32 satellites at one time.

We have a bunch of new gadgets from Pololu. Motors, wheels, motor drivers, and more!

Just a simple brass screw and a matching nut. Goes great with this handy magnet. In fact, we added so much new hardware, we quarantined it to its own Hardware category.

An interface cable for our Fingerprint Scanner. Now you can connect directly to this powerful scanner without having to hack the board. Comes as a MLX 1.25mm male to MLX 1.25mm male.

Last but not least, a basic 14 pin connector for the keypad sealed membrane switches.

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  • Hey! Sell us some of those SMT right angle headers like on the Lilypad! If you really loved us you've even add them to the SFE parts library. I've been looking all over for those and haven't been able to find them.

  • Um... that is not surface mount thow...
    If your into your hot plate idea why not another tutorial on that if their are any updates?

  • This update is sadly lacking in Arduino Ethernet Shield.

    • Hey Chris - I hear ya. I'm working with Gianluca at Smart Projects to bring them in to the US.

  • Humm smells like molten paste flux is it a surface mount soldering on the hotplate? Humm Im not shure if I want to make tuna melts on that anymore but it is soo great to solder with I will find a new hot plate for cooking.

    • Grilled cheese iz better without the soldermask-epoxy water-soluble-flux aftertaste.

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