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#CreativeCodeChat: Join the conversation

SparkFun and Kadenze are celebrating the Month of Creative Code – join us!

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Last month, we were excited to partner with our friends at Kadenze – a learning site that provides affordable, world-class education – to help launch new courses in arts, embedded electronics and open source hardware.

In May, Kadenze announced the International Month of Creative Code by dedicating the entire month to sharing upcoming events, new courses, artist features, interviews and projects in the creative coding world. This means courses on programming for musicians and visual artists, physics-based sound synthesis for games and interactive systems, discussions on the nature of code, workshops, hacking challenges, performances and more (you can find the full roster here).

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Now halfway through the month, we're thrilled at the success they've seen with the initiative. Next week, join us for a Kadenze/SparkFun-hosted Twitter chat on the subject of creative code! Whether you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, this 12-hour event will keep the conversation going with creative coders worldwide. Don’t miss out!

#CreativeCodeChat Details

Date: Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Time: 9:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. PDT

To participate, follow hosts @KadenzeOfficial and @SparkFun on Twitter. Use the hashtag #CreativeCodeChat to keep track of incoming tweets!

This chat will be joined by an exceptional panel of moderators representing Kadenze, SparkFun, California Institute of the Arts, and many more.

Connect With Our Moderators on Twitter

Ajay Kapur, president & CEO of Kadenze, Associate Dean for R&D in Digital Arts at CalArts – @Ajay_Kapur

Brian Huang, Education Engineer at SparkFun Electronics – @Bri_Huang

Owen Vallis, Vice President of Research and Data Analysis at Kadenze, professor at CalArts – @OwenVallis

Mike Grusin, Engineer at SparkFun Electronics – @FlyingCircuits

Shawn Hymel, Creative Engineer at SparkFun Electronics – @ShawnHymel

Jordan Hochenbaum, Chief Creative Officer and Vice President of Engineering at Kadenze, professor at CalArts – @Jnatanh

Andrew Quitmeyer, Media Engineer – @HikingHack

Harmony Jiroudek, Director of Academic Relations and Instructional Designer/Producer at Kadenze – @HarmonyJiroudek

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