AVC 2016 Photo Album and the AVC Edition Caption Contest Winner

Let these stills tide you over until the recap video!

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Hello! First let's get to the business of announcing the winner of last week's caption contest. While there were many who gave us great efforts in humor, the one to take home the prize is Member #15009. Good on you your membership, I hope you enjoy green!!! Simple, straight-forward, but it works on multiple levels:

alt text

"A Shark on the Barbie."

While only one could take away the prize today, we also have a great album of images from AVC to share with you as a minor consolation. Check back soon for our full AVC recap including our annual video. Thank you for all who competed, attended or livestreamed the event. You all are the reason we love to keep AVC going and growing every year. You're the real champions!

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alt text

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