The next class in our lecture series is the Stenciling Solder Paste class on February 11th. Learn how to build electronics like a real pro.

We are now stocking low cost servos for all of your mechatronic needs. Two types are available; a large version with high output torque and a small version for weight sensitive applications.


Pete had a hankering to create a VU meter. Checkout this neat video and his VU meter tutorial on how he created it.

This is a huge 160x128 Graphic display. We have two versions available; one with an easy to use serial interface and a less expensive one with the original parallel interface.

These are new 3.3V Character LCDs that complement the 5V versions. Serial versions coming soon. No, the displayed text is not a typo.

By popular demand, we now have a SMD connector for the GS406 GPS module.

Based on the NCP1400, we have created a tiny 5V DC to DC step up breakout. Input 1-4V and the board will output a low ripple 5V output. Works great to get 5V out of our 3.7V LiPos.

The ATMega328. Just like the popular ATMega168 except double the flash space (32K).

If you've ever eaten through 9Vs, you know how expensive and short-lived they can be. Checkout these new LiPo rechargeable 9Vs and help save the earth! Did we mention they are 450mAh? (Huge!)

The is a nifty combo battery charger. Charges AA, AAA, and 9V LiPo/Ni-MH/Ni-Cd batteries.

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  • For some reason I have had a hard time finding good 3.3V Character LCDs. I will be ordering some soon. Thanks you!

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