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A roundup of Hackster projects perfect for our favorite holiday!

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With Halloween just around the corner, SparkFun is again becoming a spooky place. We are preparing our own "live" event to coincide with our office costume contest. This got us in the mood to look around Hackster for some inspiration, and we found some great projects that people can try at home or modify into really cool costumes and decorations.

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Do you have a Blynk board at home? Want to create an app that lets you control a light-up pumpkin? David Bates has you covered. He created an IoT Pumpkin that can be customized to your taste (it doesn’t have to have a flamethrower, but we like fire here at SparkFun). Using a Blynk board to wield control from your smartphone is a great modification to this project, and can really light up your Halloween party.

SparkFun Blynk Board - ESP8266

SparkFun Blynk Board - ESP8266


Need some exciting costume ideas? How about a magic wand with a mind of its own? Dan Fein has started a cool project that could help you create a little magic. The wand leverages temperature gradients to change colors – an inventive way to make your costume come alive. You can change some of the programming to fit the color/theme of your costume -- be it wizard, magician, witch ... or something completely different.

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Magic wand in action – photo courtesy of Dan Fein

I’ve been looking for a project like this as I build my Renaissance Festival wizard costume. The best part? The base is the Pro Mini, which is a great platform for costume/cosplay accessories.

Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz

Arduino Pro Mini 328 - 3.3V/8MHz


What would a Halloween costume blog post be without one of the best projects ever: a DIY lightsaber!

Grab a Photon Red Board (I’d recommend grabbing the kit to help you get started; it comes with a lot of useful accessories), and then you can follow Syauqy Nurul Aziz’s lightsaber project.

SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Photon

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This Halloween, it’s create or do not create; there is no try. Let everyone see what great projects you're working on! Show us in the comments, or on Hackster.

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