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Sometimes when you're working hard and fast to accomplish the ridiculous, you tend to fly right past some of the smaller, but certainly no less important, steps of a build. Such was the case here recently, while milling some prototype boards on our Othermill Pro.

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Our Othermill Pro - So much more than just a PCB mill!

In our haste to get one of our new boards milled so that we could test it, we neglected to offset the board file from zero when we sent it to the Mill. The result was that, when it cut out the board, it also took a nice bite out of our alignment bracket.

alt text

Rookie mistake.

We got in touch with support over at Other Machine Co, and they were amazing! Not only did they send us two replacement alignment brackets (maybe we sounded like we might make the same mistake at least once more?), but having heard us mention a high frequency noise, they suspected it might be a power supply issue, and sent out a new one of those as well.

It's always great to find solid tools to make your job - and your life - easier. But when those tools are backed up by an equally solid company with a great support staff, well that's just the powdered sugar on the beignet!

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