Friday Product Post: All THAT

Two new audio boards that utilize the InGenius and OutSmarts IC suite, as well as a new digital servo!

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Hey there, SparkFun crowd. I'm going to let you finish your regularly scheduled product post, but first I wanted to let you know that the Arduino Day Sale starts now!!! Click this giant image below for more details and enjoy your new products. Mic drop...

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...Hello there, everyone! Fresh out tha box. Stop, look and watch. Ready yet, get set. It's All THAT! This week we are pleased to bring you two new audio breakout boards that utilize the InGenius analog line receiver and the OutSmarts analog line driver chips from THAT Corporation. On top of that, we also have a brand-new ultra nano-sized digital servo from Hitec! Let's take a closer look and see what Feldi has to show us!

The show is All of THAT, and yes we do it all the time.

SparkFun THAT 1206 InGenius Breakout

SparkFun THAT 1206 InGenius Breakout

SparkFun THAT 1646 OutSmarts Breakout

SparkFun THAT 1646 OutSmarts Breakout


The THAT 1206 InGenius and 1646 OutSmarts breakout boards offer an easy solution to adding balanced audio inputs and outputs to your circuits. The THAT InGenius and OutSmarts technologies are designed for high-grade analog audio transmission and reception. They offer low distortion and high common mode rejection in real-world audio applications.

These two breakouts perform mirror-image signal conversion. The 1646 OutSmarts is an unbalanced-to-balanced output driver, and the 1206 InGenius is a balanced-to-unbalanced input receiver.

The breakout boards combine the THAT IC, supporting components and a ¼" TRS socket. They make it easy to use the input and output drivers on breadboards and in projects.

Servo - Hitec HS-5035HD (Ultra Nano Size)

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This is one of the smallest servos we carry, but don't let its size fool you! The HS-5035HD is the digital version of the popular HS-35HD and is destined to become a fan favorite! Equipped with a fully programmable digital circuit, Metal Karbonite gear train and long-life potentiometer, the HS-5035HD provides heavy-hitting performance in a lightweight package. The HS-5035HD is able to take in 4.8 volts and deliver 11.11 oz-in of maximum torque at 0.1 sec/60°, and this guy is only about the size of a penny!

That's all for today, folks! Be sure to check back in with us next Friday for even more new products. We are pretty sure you are going to want to see what we have in store for you next week! Thanks for stopping by!

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