CCS811 with the BM280 is here!

Air quality has never been easier or more advanced.

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Our CCS811 breakout for TVOC and CO2 sensing sold out extremely fast. We knew we had to follow it up with something spectacular.

Qwiic Air Quality Combo Board - CCS811 + BME280

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We are super excited to announce the CCS811 + BME280 combo board. Air quality has never been easier or more advanced. You can sense humidity, pressure, temperature, TVOC and CO2 all in one little package.

Additionally, with our example firmware you can read the current humidity and temperature from the BME280 and feed this back into the CCS811 to get calibrated TVOC and CO2 readings.

This feels like 2005 when accelerometers where triple axis but gyroscopes were single and we had to mount multiple orthogonal sensors to get and overall reading set.

A very old sensor board from SparkFun

The really old 6DOF IMU with Bluetooth option added

Our CCS811+BME280 is basically the soon-to-come (but often delayed) BME680. Why wait for the future!

Be sure to keep an eye on the SparkX category. We've been adding new products like mad.

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