Friday Product Post: The Magical Fruit

The Bean+ from PunchThrough Design, a new Geiger Sensor, and a 6V 2A wall adapter.

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Hello there! It's Friday once again, and you know that means new products! This week we are very happy to bring you three new products that we really hope you are going to love: the LightBlue Bean+ from PunchThrough Design, a new radiation sensor from Radiation Watch and a wall wart that should really help power your new Arduinos! Without further delay, let's take a closer look at what we have!

Bean, Bean, the magical has Bluetooth and is so cute!

LightBlue Bean+

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The LightBlue Bean+ is an Arduino-compatible development board from PunchThrough Design that you program wirelessly using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The Bean+ was specifically designed to get your BLE project up and running as quickly as possible, and that’s why PunchThrough has included an onboard lithium polymer battery, solderless headers and even a pair of Grove connectors. The board includes a temperature sensor and an accelerometer, as well as a tricolor LED, which means there are enough inputs and outputs onboard so you can start programming out of the box without the need for any add-on boards!

Small and durable, perfect for on the go!

Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor - Type 5

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The Type 5 Pocket Geiger Radiation Sensor from Radiation Watch is a highly sensitive radiation sensor designed for the embedded systems market. Capable of detecting Gamma and Beta radiation, this sensor has a simple pulsed output that can be used with any microcontroller. Radiation Watch has a handful of documents and example Arduino code to get you up and running. They have also written a Windows example program in C# (source included!) to output graphs to a computer using an Arduino as the reader.

Wall Adapter Power Supply - 6V DC 2A (Barrel Jack)


This is a high-quality "wall wart" AC to DC 6V 2,000mA Barrel Jack wall power supply manufactured specifically for SparkFun Electronics. These are switch mode power supplies, which means the output is regulated to 6V, and the capable output current is much higher (2,000mA).

That's it for this week, folks. Make sure to check back with us next time for even more exciting new products! See you then!

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