According to Pete: How WiFi Works

Pete digs into WiFi for a broad, hardware-ish level explanation of how it all works.

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I’ve previously had a high-level understanding of WiFi's function, but not so much understanding that I could give any kind of meaningful explanation, and after digging into it more deeply, I still can’t. It’s a shockingly broad subject with a zillion facets, and one video isn’t going to do justice to the graduate-level expertise this topic surely demands. In the face of that, we’ll do it anyway! This video is for all you out there who, like me, have largely taken WiFi for granted. It should give you just enough information so you don’t get beat up at a nerd party where everybody else knows the topic better than you do.

That’s a lie. This probably won’t save you. Maybe just smile and nod.

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  • Eric Falsken / about 7 years ago / 1

    Nice vid! I'll suggest a new title: Everything you need to know to know about Wi-Fi.

    It isn't so much about how WiFi works, but really just listing the most important technologies and standards that allow it to work.

    I especially liked the parts about the various transmission techniques, but I'd also suggest that you notate (in a youtube-comment-thing?) which layers of the OSI are responsible for implementing each of these standards of the wifi-alphabet-soup.

    • Good call on the OSI notation. With regard to the name... making a video that would really demonstrate all of how it works would be really long. Probably a series. That would stretch a full semester. Lacking that sort of time, I tried to get the most high-level and pertinent information that would take a person from 0 mph to maybe... 35 or so. You still can't get on the freeway, but you can get to all the shops close to home.

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