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Happy Friday

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Another week has gone by with more goodies to share!

The Analog Devices MEMs ADXRS Gyroscopes and ADXL Accelerometers are now available as bare ICs. You'll find them under Components -> SMD ICs.

We are happy to annouce a RS232 Bluetooth? modem! The BlueDongle uses the standard serial com port interface (no need to mess with USB drivers or software) and steals power from USB!

The WiTilt has been revised! The new WiTilt v2.5 with RP-SMA still uses the Triple Axis acceleterometer (MMA7260Q +/-6g) along with a BlueRadios engine, but the new board has addtional Bluetooth? status LEDs and an external RP-SMA connector for larger antennas and a longer range!

The RS232 evaluation boards for the extremely popular SiRF III GPS modules are now available. The ET301 SMD GPS receiver comes pre-soldered to the ET301 RS232 Eval Board.

A similar RS232 board is also available for use with the EM406.

The AVR-H128-CAN now comes with the AT90CAN128 installed!

We are also proud to be carrying the new IC from FTDI. The FT2332RL is the SSOP version of the popular USB to UART IC that has a built-in oscillator and EEPROM! Super easy to use - we'll have the breakout boards ready soon!

Be sure to keep an eye on our Dings and Dents category. We just posted a first-run Trizium Eval board and a previous version PCB of the GM862 USB Eval board for a largely discounted price.

Finally, we now offer RJ45 Jacks for Ethernet development and prototyping.

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