Photo Tour of SparkFun

Keith Neufeld writes a great walkthrough of SparkFun complete with pictures.

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Keith was on vacation from Kansas and stopped by SparkFun the other week to take a tour. We're always thrilled to show people around and are always amazed to have visitors from out of town! To us, it's just another day on the job, but when people like Keith come by, it reminds us just how lucky we are to be working in this field.

Keith - Thanks for doing such a fantastic job of capturing a bit of our weird world!

Be sure to check out Keith's Electronics blog for a huge selection of some great projects.

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  • Well most of it is also Recyclable. You should put the three rounded arrows on it! Tin Aluminum and copper if you added a in line vent fan motor.

  • Aha - a ductopus.

  • Fantastic vents, I've considered doing something remotely along these lines myself, but I need to ramp it up with the projects first!
    Very cool gang

  • I think I saw some anime with that thing in it and it gave me nightmares for weeks...

  • Looks like my hair at 3am.

  • I'm so used to those vents now, I have never stopped to realize how truly crazy those things look. Very nice shoot Keith!

    • It's like a spaghetti elephant spider that got a leg caught in the dryer door as it closed and went into the tumble cycle for 45 minutes.

    • "Hi there.
      I want to talk to you about ducts.
      Do your ducts seem old-fashioned, out of date? Central Services' new duct designs are now available in hundreds of different colours to suit your individual tastes. Hurry now while stocks last to your nearest Central Services showroom. Designer colours to suit your demanding tastes."
      Brazil Opening Credits and Introduction

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