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We have ported another "still relevant" tutorial from our archives, and added additional content to make it even more helpful on your next project!

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Over the years, SparkFun has changed standard operating procedures on how we craft our tutorials, in order to provide the best customer experience. Our tutorials team regularly reviews our archives to make sure that we are keeping the hard work of our past team members relevant with the new content we release alongside our products each week. For today's tutorial update, these things range from small (.gif instead of a picture) to very useful; see below.

  • The tutorial is now searchable on sparkfun.com where you can read and comment.
  • There are links to all products and required materials used in the tutorial, as well as other color options.
  • There is video background content on the hardware – "How LCD Works."
  • We added additional features on RGB LED Backlight Control, which we curated since the original tutorial went live.
  • The overall formating matches the way we do things now (#OCDandproudofit).

Basic Character LCD Hookup Guide

May 28, 2019

Liquid crystal displays (LCDs) are a great way to output a string of words or sensor data to a display for visual feedback. In this tutorial, we'll learn about LCDs, how to print a string of words to a 16x2 basic character LCD and create custom characters.

You can still find our archived tutorials page, so keep an eye out for more additions and updates on learn.sparkfun.com as we revise and release them!

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