Arduino Apollo3 Core (1.0.23)

A new version of the Apollo 3 Core has been released!

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We've updated to a new version of the Arduino Apollo3 core (1.0.23). This version reflects the SVL loader's update to the faster and more reliable, v5. This version of the SparkFun Variable Loader ensures that peripherals used in the bootloading process are de-initialized so that they don't produce unexpected bugs as was observed in this forum post.

We recommend users of the Apollo3 Arduino core to manually update the SVL bootloader on their boards through this process:

  1. Open Arduino
  2. Update to the v1.0.23 release of the core using the boards manager
  3. Select your Artemis- or Apollo3-based board from the boards menu
  4. Ensure the correct port is selected
  5. In the 'Tools' menu select 'Ambiq Secure Bootloader' as the 'programmer' option
  6. Click 'Burn Bootloader' from the tools menu
  7. Users will see 'upload complete' if it was successful
  8. Verify functionality by uploading a sketch

Update your Arduino core!

You can check out all these features in our newsletter. Feel free to poke at the code as well! We've included examples for all the features of the Artemis in our Arduino Core.

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  • Liquid Soulder / about 3 years ago / 1

    FYI Arduino core is now at version 1.0.24 Don't be alarmed - all the same improvements are still there and the instructions still apply

  • Member #1553818 / about 3 years ago * / 1

    1.0.22 ? I've got installed version 1.0.23

    Arduino Apollo3 releases

    Arduino Apollo3 release tag v1.0.23

      "platforms": [
          "name": "SparkFun Apollo3 Boards",
          "architecture": "apollo3",
          "version": "1.0.23",
          "category": "Contributed",
          "url": "",
          "archiveFileName": "Arduino_Apollo3-1.0.23_ble-beta.tar.gz",
          "checksum": "SHA-256:c7128c8f5b30b71f3b498ac3f88758564fb8f6fa3eb8dded45b00873e3e16ffa",
          "size": "64396858",
          "help": {
            "online": ""
          "boards": [
            { "name": "SparkFun Artemis Module" },
            { "name": "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis" },
            { "name": "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis ATP" },
            { "name": "SparkFun RedBoard Artemis Nano" },
            { "name": "SparkFun Artemis Thing Plus" },
            { "name": "SparkFun Edge" },
            { "name": "SparkFun Edge2" }
          "toolsDependencies": [
            { "packager": "SparkFun", "name": "arm-none-eabi-gcc", "version": "8-2018-q4-major" } 

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