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Roomba Dev Tools

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We have posted a few new products to help interface to the Roomba autonomous vacuum. These Roomba Development Tools are based around iRobot's SCI protocol for Roomba development. What does this mean? You can now arbitrarily control your Roomba's motors, read it's sensors, and even tell your Roomba to play you a song. How nice.

We've done a little gene splicing and created a wireless controller for the Roomba. Take the WiTilt, the new RooTooth, and some new firmware, and you get vacuuming for the couch potato. This tutorial will show you just how easy it is to control the Roomba as well as some basics on the PIC 16F88 like UART control, creating a Bluetooth? connection, and ADC basics.

Oh - and I nearly forgot. We posted the new LED Matrices about a week ago but completely forgot to post them on the home page. The Tri-Color LED Matrix is something you must checkout.

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